Is Your Body Recieving Enough Minerals?

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Minerals are lacking in todays foods

Today, our food has fewer nutrients and is more chemically contaminated, than in the past. No wonder organic foods are growing in popularity! Fruits and vegetables begin to lose nutrients from the moment they are picked, then stored, then shipped, and then stored again-possibly for weeks or months. After we buy them, we store them some more. Then we may cook them, or at least cut or slice them. Or a food may be processed before we buy it. Each of these steps causes further nutrient loss.

Many people aren’t aware that a surprising amount of nutrient content in many foods exists in a form that is not bio-available, meaning our bodies can’t absorb and use it. About 40% of the vitamin C that is left in fresh-squeezed orange juice is biologically inactive. We must consider how the heat, light, water, and chemicals used to process foods further deplete their nutrients. Blanching, a process that vegetables undergo before they are canned or frozen, can destroy up to 60% of the vitamin C content, 40% of the riboflavin, and 30% of the thiamin. The sterilization process used to can foods further destroys vitamins and minerals. Consider the milling of grains. When wheat is processed into white flour, up to 40% of the vitamin C, and a high percent of various B vitamins are depleted. In addition, many minerals are lost including 59% magnesium and 72 % zinc. All in all an apparent 26 essential nutrients are removed. The food industry returns traces of iron, calcium, niacin, thiamin, and riboflavin - and calls it’s bread enriched!

Although overt vitamin and mineral deficiencies appear to be rare today, studies show that many are woefully deficient in nutrients. The lack of these vital building blocks contributes greatly to nearly every disease known to man. Research has also indicated that minerals are a precursor to vitamin absorption. If the body has the proper foundational elements, it is able to stay in balance, and maintain optimal health. There are many expensive products on the market today designed to provide these essential building blocks. One of the oldest, purest, and least expensive ways of providing the body with all the basic minerals needed is the use of Full Spectrum Life Crystal Salt, complete with 84 minerals, in the exact proportion and micro-crystalline structure needed for maximum absorption by the body.  CLICK HERE for Related Product in Store