Soil Mineralization - Returning Vital Minerals to Your Soil

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Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt Rock Chunks

Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt Rock Chunks
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Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt Rock Chunks used as a bath salt or for making Sole'. This Himalayan Salt contains 84 minerals from an ancient ocean 100's of million years ago. The Himalayan mountains formed on top of these salt deposits locking in the purity transforming it into a crystalline state. Our bodies absorb these minerals immediately feeding our cells the nutrients they need. Packaged in a poly bag.
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5 lb. Crystal Mineral Rock Chunks

5 lb. Crystal Mineral Rock Chunks
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5 lbs. of Crystal Mineral Rock Chunks. Packaged in a poly bag.
Himalayan Crystal Minerals help plants grow strong and healthy

Our oceans are vast storehouses of minerals.  Many are familiar with the effectiveness of applying seaweed to gardens.  Research has shown that seawater can be even more beneficial than seaweed in gardening.

The idea of using diluted sea water as fertilizer for soil and plants came from a doctor named Maynard Murray. He describes the method in his book Sea Energy Agriculture (1976), which details 40 years of research into ocean farming.

As a young doctor Murray developed an interest in life in the sea. He wondered why plant and animal life was free from disease in the sea and why land life, including humans, was not. He also found that life in a healthy sea environment did not have cell degeneration in the form of aging and that sea life reached twice the size and age of life on land. He soon discovered that it must be the minerals in the sea. All of the earth’s minerals are concentrated in sea water.

Murray had some connections with the Navy and had samples taken from all of the world’s seas. Analysis showed that all sea water contains the exact same minerals in the exact same proportions. 92 of them have been identified so far by science (there’s more) and sea water contains all of them in the proper balance. Murray figured that if sea water contains all of the planet’s minerals and covers 70% of the earth’s surface it should be possible to recycle sea water on the 30% land mass we live on and fertilize land crops and soils with it.

His theory was that the minerals in the sea originally came from land and were washed into the sea through rainfall and snow. Underwater volcano eruptions are also responsible for minerals in the sea. By using sea minerals as a fertilizer you’re using the natural balance of minerals in sea water and performing agriculture in perfect harmony with nature. The sea contains an infinite source of minerals and rainfall and snow eventually cause them to wash back out to the sea. You are therefore not depleting the oceans while at the same time preserving land soil for depletion. Think also of the life energy and information you are giving to the soil. Maynard Murray’s book isn’t called Sea Energy Agriculture for nothing.

He had the Navy ship sea water inland in large tank trucks. Friendly farmers willing to partake in his experiments donated entire acres of land. After fertilization with diluted sea water the crops showed tremendous growth, they could be harvested sooner, they were of exceptional quality and disease-free. Pesticides weren’t necessary as the job of insects is to clean up only the weaker crop – which is saying something about modern commercial NPK methods which only deplete soils of minerals and trace elements.

Though encouraged by these successes Murray realized that the heavy sea-water shipments weren’t economically viable for farmers unless they were based near the coast. Thus Murray set off to find basins where the sea had naturally dried up. Sea solids (sea salt) were considerably cheaper to transport but of course they had to yield similar results. He experimented with diluting sea solids in water and did in fact get similar spectacular results. Experiments with animals that ate the crops grown by Murray also produced bigger, stronger and perfectly healthy animals. You can just imagine the effect this must have on humans who eat these plants and animals.

Concluding over 40 years of research, Dr. Maynard Murray discovered that one could obtain all 92 minerals in their gardens and orchards in the simplest method imaginable.  He found that ocean water contains all 92 minerals in their proper ratio.  If you water plants with ocean water, they receive too much salt and die.  If water for plants is diluted with ten parts regular water to one part ocean water, a most astonishing event occurs.  All 92 minerals get into the soil.  The plants become impervious to all disease, even if deliberately exposed.  Animals that eat these plants also become resistant to all disease, including genetic diseases.

But what does one do if not living near an ocean and can't readily gather seawater or seaweed for the soil?  Nature has provided a perfect answer!  Dr. Murray found that using reconstituted sea solids from evaporated marine deposits was just as effective as using fresh sea water.  One of the most electrically active marine deposits in existence today comes from the Himalayan Mountain Range and is known to many as Crystallized Himalayan Minerals. 

Once an ancient sea, this body of water was evaporated to a solid state, and at some point in history, the land mass of the Himalayan range ended up on top of this reserve.  Through the wonder of pressurization from the weight of the land mass, these deposits changed from typical ocean solids found around the world, to a crystallized state, capable of holding large amounts of energy within its structure.  Chemical analysis shows this material also carries all known minerals in a very pure state, much like sea water today, only without the impurities modern living has dumped into our oceans.

Due to the crystallization that has taken place, great benefits are experienced for all who use these products, both as a mineral supplement and as a soil supplement, if used in the right concentrations.   Procuring sea solids may be rather difficult for some; however, using crystallized sea solids is very easy, due to the concentration of minerals found in the crystal. 

For usage in gardens, dissolve crystal minerals into water, using roughly 1 part crystal chunks to 4 parts water.  After 24 hours, if  some crystals are left, this is a 26% mineral solution, if there are no crystals left,  add more and wait another 24 hours before using.  The goal is to always have some undissolved crystals in the water as a control, to assure that the correct concentration has been met.  When the water has become saturated with minerals, mix this solution with 8 parts water, creating a 3% solution, which is the same concentration as sea water.  Now mix this solution with 10 parts water, and apply to soils and plants.

Crystallized Ocean Minerals can work wonders for depleted soils.  One can purchase a small amount of the minerals, reconstitute them and apply to the soil, providing with amazing results and happy, healthy, thriving plants which are filled with an incredible amount of needed nutrients.