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   Aroma Therapy Flower Shaped Salt Lamp

Enjoy the aroma of your favorite scent while benefiting from the soothing effects of your Himalayan Salt Lamp. Shaped as a rose bud, a metal dish is placed on top to add a few drops of your favorite essential oils... Click Here

  Himalayan Tea Lights

These beautiful Himalayan Crystal Tea Lights will create a relaxing mood to any room!  Hand made in Pakistan, these tea lights create a soft glow when lit with a tea lite candle.

  Click Here

Star Shaped Himalayan Tea lite Candle Holder

These salt crystal tea lights are made from salt crystal rocks formed 100's of millions of years ago in the foothills of the Himalayas. The salt tea lights are carefully crafted by hand to retain the unique, beautiful natural shape of the rock... Click Here

                            Sphere Tea lite Candle Holder        

  These Himalayan Salt tea lites are hand crafted to bring out the beautiful character of the rock. When lit, these tea lites emmit a beautiful glow...Click Here

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Sole KitSole Kit
Neti pot for Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt

Solè solution can be effectively used to clean and flush the sinuses. The use of a neti pot (which can be purchased online or at a natural foods store) is the easiest way we know to clean and flush the sinuses. Prepare a 1% solè solution by dissolving two teaspoons of Full Spectrum Life Himalayan Fine Ground Crystal Salt into slightly more than one third of a cup of lukewarm water. This concentration is similar to the salt concentration in the body’s fluids and does not irritate the nasal passageways.

Once your solution is adequately dissolved, lean your head over a sink, and apply the beak of the neti pot into your nostril, while keeping your mouth closed. Lean your head slightly forward and slightly bend it to one side. The solè will flow through your nostril and come out the other nostril. Follow with the other side. Repeat this procedure as often as needed, but usually twice a day is sufficient. The 1% solution is also very effective for gargling when irritation of the mucous membranes in the nose, mouth or throat occur. Some find this technique helpful in alleviating allergy symptoms. A daily practice of this procedure is known to strengthen the immune system.