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   Aroma Therapy Flower Shaped Salt Lamp

Enjoy the aroma of your favorite scent while benefiting from the soothing effects of your Himalayan Salt Lamp. Shaped as a rose bud, a metal dish is placed on top to add a few drops of your favorite essential oils... Click Here

  Himalayan Tea Lights

These beautiful Himalayan Crystal Tea Lights will create a relaxing mood to any room!  Hand made in Pakistan, these tea lights create a soft glow when lit with a tea lite candle.

  Click Here

Star Shaped Himalayan Tea lite Candle Holder

These salt crystal tea lights are made from salt crystal rocks formed 100's of millions of years ago in the foothills of the Himalayas. The salt tea lights are carefully crafted by hand to retain the unique, beautiful natural shape of the rock... Click Here

                            Sphere Tea lite Candle Holder        

  These Himalayan Salt tea lites are hand crafted to bring out the beautiful character of the rock. When lit, these tea lites emmit a beautiful glow...Click Here

How To Make Sole'

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Sole KitSole Kit
For many years I have been aware of the importance of keeping my body in an alkaline state. Consistent Ph testing has been a very frustrating experience for me. It seemed as though no matter how strict I was with my diet or exercise programs, I could not maintain equilibrium with my Ph!. Finally I used the Himalayan salt on a regular basis, and this has been the factor that has given me the balance I desired to attain to. Thank you for Himalayan salt!
Wilfred Chase

Fine Ground Himalayan Mineral Salt Crystals

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Other Grinds Of Himalayan Salt Available From Full Spectrum Life.....

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Pure Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt Granuals

Full Spectrum Life offers edible Himalayan Crystal mineral salt products that come from an ancient ocean from about 200 million years ago. Back then the oceans had 84 minerals unlike the oceans today that have only 64 minerals. After the oceans dried up, the Himalayan mountains were formed above the remains sealing in the purity and also creating pressure transforming the salt into a crystalline state. Because of this, the salt in its Ionic crystalline state, allows the body to absorb the minerals immediately upon contact to the cells. These minerals are essential to health equal to the importance of water. Many people suffer not only from a mineral deficiency but also from dehydration, both being symbiotic to each other.  Our cells cannot absorb water without minerals. The best way to get these minerals is to make Sole', which is the Himalayan rock chunks soaked in water creating a brine of 26% salt. Taking a tea spoon of this brine every day will give your body the necessary minerals needed daily. Like water, our body uses and needs minerals every day. Full Spectrum Life offers this amazing Himalayan salt in four types of grinds and several sizes. Fine ground Himalayan crystal salt granule is primarily used in cooking, or as table salt. Our gourmet Himalayan salt is used in grinders, for those who want freshly ground Himalayan crystal salt, and is also what is generally used for bathing. For those wishing to make Sole' our Himalayan crystal salt rocks are a great choice. We also offer the super fine ground 'flour' salt for specialty uses!.