Tooth Polish - Cinnamon/Lemon Homeopathic Safe

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Tooth Polish - Cinnamon/Lemon Homeopathic Safe

Tooth Polish - Cinnamon/Lemon Homeopathic Safe
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Have you ever had problems with bleeding gums, or sensitive teeth? Would you like to bathe your teeth in strengthening minerals every time you brush your teeth? Are you concerned with putting all the toxins from toothpaste into your mouth? If any of those questions apply to you, perhaps you might wish to try our most incredibly effective solution! Enjoy a happy, healthy mouth, knowing your teeth are being cleansed and renewed with the ingredients long recognized for their beneficial attributes. Your mouth will come alive, your teeth and gums will feel fresh and clean and you'll feel good knowing that you're using a safe and natural product free of toxins! We've selected ingredients known to cleanse and protect teeth. Using pure products containing naturally sourced sodium bicarbonate, mineral salts, and xylitol, as well as our premium blend of organic essential oils, your teeth and gums will love you! For moisture, you may add hydrogen peroxide if you have no metals in your mouth, or use colloidal silver if metals are present. Be aware that the taste is not sweet like regular toothpaste, it's a bit salty, and may require a few uses to adjust to the change, but it's well worth the effort! Same great tooth polish but without the ingredients that would prevent homeopathics from doing thier job! 2oz.
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